The Circulator makes owning a swimming pool a "pure" pleasure by redefining pool care - making your pool 1500% more effective in the process of eliminating debris to the skimmer and main drain! Your pool becomes alive with the vibrant beauty of circulating, sparkling water.

Install it and Forget About It! The Circulator works along with your filtering system to help clean and purify your pool silently and efficiently, adding beauty and long life to your pool. The Circulator is an automatic water-powered, gear-driven valve which activates without troublesome electronic controls. NO additional expense for special controls is needed - the highly advanced technology of the Circulator will work efficiently as your pool pump turns on and turns off with your standard pool timer.

The Circulator is a complete "360" for beautiful pools. It works in virtually all standard swimming pools!

The Circulator protects your major swimming pool investment, keeping your pool ultra-healthy and fit. It protects your pool finish, prolonging the ageing process of your pool. This saves you lots of money by avoiding the costly refinishing of your pool's surface before its time.

The Circulator impacts your pool with extreme circulating action.

The Circulator helps keep harsh chemicals from lying dormant and useless on the bottom of your pool, which adds years to the life of your pool finish, and keeps your chemicals working at their maximum efficiency. Get beautiful, refreshing, healthier water . . . Fast and Easy!

The Circulator is a great value and a very smart 'ASSET' to enhance your swimming pool.

The Circulator pays for itself in just a few short months and then starts putting money back in your pocket!
Start Saving Today and Every Day!

The Circulator is easy to install . . . as easy as 1…2…3!
Just screw it in to your existing return and FORGET ABOUT IT! All you see is the top nozzle working automatically to keep your pool healthy and fit.

The unique Circulator includes an OPTIONAL easily-attachable fountain (a remarkable limited-time offer).

The Circulator has an optional fountain attachment that is custom made to fit easily into the nozzle. This luxurious fountain adds beauty and the sounds of tranquility to your pool, just like a luxurious day spa! Kids are also entertained by the water spray of the fountain.

The Circulator makes it easy for you to get the maximum pleasure out of your pool. Installation takes just a few moments and it is as easy as screwing in a light bulb. It can be installed at any time - even after the pool is constructed.

The Circulator gives results similar to in-floor systems costing over £1500.00 at just a small fraction of the cost!

The Circulator turns your pool into a passive solar-heated pool by pushing the top layer of water, heated by the sun, down to the bottom of the pool, giving you a longer swimming season.

Powerful circulation virtually eliminates cold spots, heating your pool in less time. Faster heating means greatly reduced operational costs.

NOW, for just pennies a day, you can modernize your "out-of-date" standard pool return system with a space-age, ultra-advanced circulating system.
Get Up-To-Date . . . CIRCULATE!

The Circulator gives YOU the "luxury you can afford". You can modernize your pool and not waste your money, keeping it in your pocket where it belongs!