Daisy UltraDomeTM – a more efficient Swimming Pool Cover that will last longer



Exclusive Daisy UltraDome™ technology completely eliminates weak points and gives you a tougher cover – top and bottom.

The perfectly-formed UltraDome™ bubble makes Daisy a stronger pool cover that will last longer.

Supertoughened to resist salt, sun and chemicals

Daisy’s advanced manufacturing techniques us supertoughened polyethylene containing the maximum antioxidants, tougheners and UV inhibitors.


Daisy UltraDome™ Pool Covers resist salt, sun and chemicals so effectively that we provide up to 8 years pro-rata warranty.

Lighter blanket colour transmits more solar energy into the pool water




Daisy’s lighter, translucent blue or green material allows more solar energy to penetrate deep into the pool water and warm it.

Darker covers get hotter because they absorb this solar energy, rather than transmitting it into the pool to heat the water.

Daisy UltraDome™ Solar Pool Covers let more warmth reach your pool water – and their excellent insulation efficiency lets less back out for a pool that's up to 8ºC warmer.


Australia's largest supplier of swimming pool covers and roller systems are now available in Spain and the UK.