Electricity Savings

The powerful water Circulator promotes even chemical and heat distribution resulting in maintenance and utility savings year after year. The Circulator is an astounding 1500% more effective than your standard pool return. This means that the Circulator is so effective in the way it circulates your water, that you can run your pool pump far less time than it takes with standard pool return. This results in incredible savings to you!

SAVE up to £300.00 or MORE, each year!
With out-of-date pool returns, you need to run your pool pump to the minimum standards of 8 to 10 hours per day. With the extreme power of the
Circulator, you have a cleaner, more chemically efficient pool in less time. You can reduce the time that you run your pool pump, OVER 1/3 LESS TIME per day, meaning substantial savings to YOU! Shooting water down to the bottom of your pool, and better overall mixing means faster heating and Big Savings!