Frequently Asked Questions
Why heat my swimming pool?
You bought your swimming  pool for a number of reasons like family fun, exercise, entertaining and possibly even therapeutic reasons. However you've probably found that without heating your pool it's often too cold to enjoy. Heating your pool with a heat pump will allow you to enjoy it all year round, thereby increasing the return on your sizeable investment.

What are the most important factors when choosing a pool heater?
The 5 most important factors to consider are:

Initial price (including installation): Did you know that some fossil fuel heaters such as natural gas heaters, though the heater is lower priced than a heat pump, can cost as much as £1000 to £2000 more for the installation than an air source heat pump?

Operating costs: Did you know that fossil fuel heaters (natural gas, propane and oil fired) cost 4-5 times more to heat your pool than a heat pump? See our Heating Cost Comparison for details.

Simplicity of operation and maintenance.

Product life expectancy: Did you know that the life expectancy of an air source heat pump is twice that of a fossil fuel heater?

Attractive, durable design: Does the heater compliment your pool/patio design?

What are the benefits of buying a pool heater for my property?
The weather can be very warm and sunny from spring to early autumn  but the swimming pools are only warm enough to use from end of July until the end of August in the UK and slightly longer in Spain. Having your pool heated allows you to use your pool all the year round.

If you intend to rent your property then a heated pool is guaranteed to increase your rentals especially in prime time holiday periods like Easter and Christmas.

What temperature would my pool reach?
The pool temperature is maintained between 28-30 degrees.

How much does a pool heater cost to run?

DVT heat pump is an ideal swimming pool heating solution which is inexpensive to buy, install and run at less than £1 per day. No other Swimming Pool heating system can offer you both heating efficiency and low running costs.




Why Choose Air Source Heat Pumps?
Air source heat pumps are a very economical and Eco-friendly way to heat your swimming pool or spa.

Traditional pool heating systems such as natural gas, propane gas, oil and electric are far more expensive to run.

Swimming pool heating cost comparisons between gas, fuel oil and other heating systems against air source heat pumps


What is the installation time?
We can usually fit your new pool heater within 1 to 2 weeks from completion of your order.

Can I control my pool heater from the UK?

Yes you can control your heat pump control by a Smart App.
Perfect for people with second homes. e.g You're off on holiday in a weeks time. Just text your heat pump & when you arrive you'll have a nice warm pool to swim in.
You can also use it to monitor your pool temperature.