Heat Savings

Standard pool returns shoot a narrow stream of water into your pool just a few inches below the surface. Heating your pool becomes very costly with heated water rising to the surface  area of your pool and evaporating along with your money!

With the Circulator you can heat your pool 1500% more efficiently by shooting heated water down to the bottom of your pool, discouraging heat loss from evaporation.

The cost-efficient Circulator, continually agitates the water for greater distribution of heat - making cold areas a thing of the past. The Circulator also heats your pool faster, saving you money in expensive heating costs.

The Circulator has an added bonus for those who do not to own a pool heater. As the sun heats the top layer of your pool water, the Circulator pushes warmed water to the bottom of your pool - it's like having the luxury of a passive solar-heated pool! This allows you to enjoy a much  longer swimming season.


Before                                                     After