How do Air source heat pumps work?


As the name implies, air source heat pumps extract heat energy from the surrounding air without the need for a complex network of underground piping. The air source heat pump works using the same principles as a ground source heat pump system.

They work like a fridge but in reverse. The fridge takes heat from the interior and pumps it into the kitchen thus keeping the food cold. The heat pumps take heat from the air and pumps it into your pool, keeping it warm.

The air inlet for an air source heat pump can be located outside a property or from any unused internal location such as a loft. Air source heat pumps tend to operate more efficiently at steady warmer air

It is possible for an air source heat pumps to extract heat from air at temperatures as low as minus 10°C.

The main advantage of an air source heat pump over say a ground source heat pump is that there is no need for an expensive loop system to be excavated and installed

One of the advantages of using Heat Pump is that it is capable of delivering energy up to 4 times of the energy it consumes. Therefore making heat Pumps more efficient and cost effective compared to other hot water generators. It is gradually substituting traditional heating facilities of fuel such as gas, electric boiler and solar heating water equipment. Other advantages of using Heat Pump is that it can reduce CO2 emissions which are considered as the major cause of global warming.


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