Daisy UltraDomeTM Solar Pool Covers save you time and money
  • Cut evaporation by 97%.
  • Use solar pool heating to warm your pool – free – by up to 8ºC – giving you months more swimming time.
  • Help keep out leaves and dirt.
  • Cut salt and chemical use by up to 50%.
  • Reduce pool heating costs.
  • Roll on or off in 30 seconds with a Daisy Roller System.

Plus Daisy UltraDome™ technology:

  • Eliminates weak points.
  • Supertoughened polyethylene resists salt, sun and chemicals.
Simply choose the colour that’s best for your pool, and the Daisy Solar Pool Cover to suit your needs and budget. They’re suitable for every pool and spa, easy to install , and with a Daisy Roller System, on or off in 30 seconds for greater enjoyment from your swimming pool
for months longer every year.


Daisy UltraDomeTM Solar Pool Cover Range Pro-Rata Warranty
Daisy Series 3 - The budget option 3 years
Daisy Series 4 - Economy quality alternative 4 years
Daisy Series 5 - Longer life range 5 years
Daisy Series 8 - premium choice for maximum durability 8 years

Daisy ThermoTech™ Foam Pool Covers

Daisy also manufactures top-quality closed-cell polyethylene foam Thermal Pool Covers.

They’re made from 3mm thick, cross-linked PE closed cell Polyolefin foam.

It consists of 3 layers, and is flame-bonded each side to a UV-stabilised, waterproof non-toxic and chemical resistant blue woven PE material.

If your Daisy double-sided foam cover is installed on a symmetrical pool then it can simply be inverted to significantly extend its lifespan.

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