Pool Refurbishment and Repairs


Frost and Snow Damaged Swimming Pools


If a swimming pool is built properly it should be frost and snow proof. However this is not always the case. Swimming pools built incorrectly can suffer from frost and snow damage in a number different of ways.

Most tile companies do not use a epoxy waterproof grout and  additive, this allows water to get behind the tiles and in the winter this can freezes and expand causing the tiles to fall off.

Water may also gets behind the pool outer wall and again it’s possible to freeze, again the rendering and tiles may fall off the wall. The swimming pool coping stones may freeze and crack due to poor mortar joints.




Our pool refurbishment and repair service includes:


* Pipe testing and full pool surveys

* Coping stone replacement

* Full refurbishment of swimming pool surround

* Full pool re-tiling

* Fiberglass repair work

pool_tile_repairs* Pool liner replacement

* Equipment replacement

* Electricity testing

* Pool water testing

* Swimming pool cover replacement

* Boiler servicing