For “child’s play” convenience, add a Daisy Roller System

Daisy’s wide range of Roller Systems make taking your pool cover on and off a simple 30 second operation—and help prolong the life of your blanket.

We have a roller option for every pool and spa, including above ground pools.






For small pools, our Buddy roller is a cost-effective, efficient and durable choice.




Above Ground kits are available for Buddy and UTC Roller Systems. roller_above_ground_kit



Our UTC roller range offers an economical, stationary alternative for pools up to 12 metres x 6 metres.

They’re adjustable, easy to use with large dual handwheels, and offer years of trouble-free service.








5 Star L100 Series Roller
The elegant new L100 stationary roller has been designed to complement modern, designer pool areas with a clean and contemporary new look.

The L100 is a stylish stationary roller that is perfectly at home in more traditional landscaped pool areas and also looks great on today's modern pool shapes.

If you're looking for a highly functional, easy-to-use roller system with a dash of style, the sleek, modern L100 is the perfect combination of function and form.







5 Star Roller Systems
For the very best in easy operation and long life, choose from the nine models in our premium 5 Star range.

From the economical 5 Star A75 range for smaller pools, right up to the top-of-the-line 125MAXI there's a choice for every pool and every budget.

Even above ground pools are catered for with the new 5 Star AGA (Above Ground Adjustable).

There’s a choice of standard or low profiles, stationary and fully mobile models. With 100mm or 125mm tubes, they’re suitable for pools up to a huge 20 metres x 7 metres.



Daisy 5 Star rollers are made from the highest-quality marine grade anodised aluminium and powder-coated aluminium, stainless steel and other quality components.

The 5 Star range offers you a wide choice of options in both quality and convenience.


Easy installation
Daisy Roller Systems feature flexible and adjustable fittings, and simple, durable and easy-to-adjust pool cover fastening systems, making them easier to install and operate.

Superior quality—guaranteed for years of service
Daisy Buddy and UTC Roller Systems have a 5 year pro-rata warranty.

Our 5 Star range features a 10 year pro-rata warranty.

All Daisy Roller Systems include a top-quality protective overcover at no extra cost.

For further details of Daisy Roller Systems, and to choose the right one for your pool, click here.