Circulator FAQ's


How does The Circulator SAVE YOU MONEY?
The Patented Circulator improves your swimming pool's water circulation up to an astounding 1500%, making your Circulator a Money saving investment by reducing operating costs and greatly extending the life of your pool's finish. The Circulator makes your pool much easier to maintain and keep clean, redefining the way you care for your pool. The Circulator, with its powerful circulating action, keeps your pool running very efficiently, giving you substantial savings year after year on maintenance, electicity, heating, and chemicals.

How does The Circulator SAVE YOU MONEY ON HEATING your pool?

According to a study done for the Department of Energy, evaporation is by far the largest source of energy loss for swimming pools. It only takes 1 Btu to raise 1 pound of water 1°C, but each pound of 80 degree water that evaporates takes a enormous 1048 Btu of heat out of the pool. With the highly-advanced
Circulator shooting heated water down to the bottom of your pool, heating your pool becomes much faster and cold areas are eliminated. Less heat is lost by evaporation and this means a big savings to YOU!

How does The Circulator SAVE TIME?
The Unique Circulator makes your life so much easier by eliminating the extra work needed to maintain your pool, keeping it in great shape.

The ultra-extreme circulating action of The Circulator makes it  very difficult for bacteria, algae, dirt, and debris to attach to your pool finish. This means less brushing and vacuuming for you and more time to relax and enjoy! The Circulator also helps keep your chemicals working at their maximum efficiency, so you spend less time adding additional chemicals to your pool.

How easy is The Circulator to install and maintain?
The Amazing
Circulator is so easy to install that a child can install it in minutes. It simply screws right in to your existing pool return. After it is installed, it is totally automatic - no need to worry. Install it and just forget about it!

What are the long term benefits of The Circulator?
The Circulator protects your swimming pool investment by increasing your pool's circulation up to an amazing 1500%. Powerful water circulation promotes even distribution of chemicals and heat, resulting in maintenance and utility savings year after year. The Circulator also helps protect your pool finish from etching and staining caused by harsh chemicals and debris lying dormant.

The Circulator works hard to help keep your water at its purest potential, giving you a healthy and fit swimming pool.

What adds years to the overall life of your pool and keeps your pool finish in tip-top condition?
The Circulator! The powerful water flow of The Circulator means a cleaner pool in less time. Superior performance means you run your pump less often, save money, and get tremendous results! The results are a younger, more vibrant pool, with $avings to YOU on the upkeep of your valuable pool investment.

What looks really "cool" and adds fun for the children?
Circulator has an optional fountain attachment that is custom made to fit easily into the nozzle. This luxurious fountain adds beauty and the sounds of tranquility to your pool like a luxurious day spa! Kids are also entertained by the water spray of the fountain.