What does pool order in jury duty mean?

Ana Medhurst asked a question: What does pool order in jury duty mean?
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The trial jury in either a civil or criminal case is chosen from a list called a venire or jury pool that has been compiled by the court. The method of selecting names for the venire varies… The jury pool is sometimes compiled with the help of jury commissioners appointed by the presiding judge.


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🎱 What is jury duty pool?

  • A jury pool is a group of people from which a legal system may draw to fill a jury. In most places, a jury pool is made up of citizens of a particular jurisdiction who are considered legal adults.

🎱 What does pool means in jury duty?

More people than are needed are called for Jury Duty then the lawyers choose the most suitable for the case to arrive at the twelve necessary.

🎱 What is a jury pool?

A jury pool is a group of people from which a legal system may draw to fill a jury. In most places, a jury pool is made up of citizens of a particular jurisdiction who are considered legal adults. Typically, people who have been convicted of committing serious crimes are excluded from a jurisdiction's jury pool. For example, individuals who have committed felonies are usually restricted from serving on juries. Essentially, a jury pool is a population of people who are eligible to serve on jury.

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